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Dortmund fans dream of a farewell present from Haaland******

By Oliver Trust。

BERLIN, Nov. 28 (Xinhua) -- When it comes to Black and Yellow fans and teammates, there are no doubts that Erling Haaland is football's best striker.。

Considering his performance, there seem no limits for the Norwegian. Record follows after record. Now the 21-year-old as the first player scored 50 goals in his first 50 national league games.。

It's more than a bold guess, local voting around Dortmund would make the blonde spearhead the winner of this year's Ballon d'Or.。

While it most likely won't be the Dortmund attacker awarded as football best this Monday, his current club and its supporters don't mind.。

More than ever, he is seen as a mystic healer, revitalizing a club that has to deal with the disappointment of an early group exit in the Champions League.。

Three days after the setback, the side has come back to life in a miracle-like way. The news of his return after a six-week-long injury break spread like wildfire.。

Fans and players, before drowned in agony, turned into an enthusiastic group. Teammates, fans, and the coaching staff are overwhelmingly pleased by the attacker's earthly contributions.。

In time the Scandinavian forward has changed things from hopeless to promising ahead of the duel against Bayern next weekend. All of a sudden, Dortmund seems to feel the change of fortunes in the air.。

Being kicked out of the Champions League doesn't hurt as much as before. The chance is emerging to outpace the Bavarian rival when it comes to this season's national title.。

Marco Rose called him a phenomenon. "Not having him around affects you as a team. Things turn around with him on the pitch," the Dortmund coach said.。

The club seems to have accepted to lose his goal-machine after this season. Instead, it seems common sense to benefit from his skills as long as possible.。

To win the national title is going to turn the striker into an everlasting hero.。

No surprise that midfielder Julian Brandt called Haaland a game-changer. "He gives us energy," Rose added.。

The clubs' fatal dependency on its forward is seen as a blessing despite and not as a disadvantage. To keep hopes alive, three points on home soil are required upcoming Saturday when Borussia is crossing swords with Bayern.。

The 2020 treble winner having to replace Joshua Kimmich is providing the unexpected opportunity to return to happiness.。

But enjoying a second chance might trigger false feelings. Dortmund only turns into a serious challenger when the wavering team follows in the footsteps of his leader.。

To only rely on Haaland might cause the next depression for the Black and Yellows. As much as the Norwegian is electrifying his entire club, football remains a team sport.。

Haaland's 50 goals (40 left foot, 6 right, and 4 headers) can be a trigger point. If things fail, they at the same time can be a burden. To get the chance to win the national title seems a unique issue. At the same time, it is a done deal that the healer will be leaving after this season.。

The chance won't come again when the healer is gone. Enditem。











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DPRK confirms successful test fire of hypersonic missile******

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea has successfully test-fired a hypersonic missile, the official Korean Central News Agency reported on Thursday.。

The missile, launched by the Academy of Defence Science on Wednesday, manoeuvred 120 km laterally before it precisely hit a target 700 km away, which proved the reliability of a new fuel system, the report said.。

This is the second test fire of hypersonic missile confirmed by the DPRK after the country launched Hwasong-8 in September. The "successive successes in the test launches" in the hypersonic missile sector "have strategic significance in that they hasten a task for modernizing strategic armed force of the state," it added.。

The reliability of the fuel system under the winter weather conditions was also verified, the report said.。

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